Hi, I’m Marian Pramberger, an Art Director & Designer. I love to do do the following things: Motion, Graphic & Sound.


For any inquiries, artwork licensing, details about existing work or discussing new projects, feel free to get in touch with me:


Studios I worked with.

BUCK, fakenew Studio, Field.io, f°am Studio, Frame, Los York, Tendril, Zeitguised, and others.

Absolute, Apple, Chanel, Covestro, Dior, Hennessy, IBM, Lacoste, Lexus, MTV, Marni, Oppo, Samsung, Sonos, Swarovski, Visa, Wired, and others.


Nov 2022 until present:

  • Senior Digital Artist at Apple.

Oct 2017 until Nov 2022:

  • Remote freelance work for various studios and clients all over the world. Based in Boston, MA.
  • Founder/creative @fakenewStudio
  • 2020, 2021, 2022. PRO Unlimited, Digital Artist on assignment at Apple.

Mar 2012 – Oct 2017:

  • Senior Designer at Zeitguised/foam Studio in Berlin, Germany.

Feb 2011 – Jul 2011:

  • Internship & Freelance work for Frame.dk in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jan 2008 – Feb 2012:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Information Design.
  • University of Applied Sciences Fh-Joanneum Graz, department of Information Design in Graz, Austria.


I mainly use Houdini FX, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Octane, After Effects, Ableton and more.


Find my 3D models on Turbosquid

All I have produced before the age of seventy is not worth taking into account. At seventy-three I have learned a little about the real structure of nature, of animals, plants, trees, birds, fishes and insects. In consequence when I am eighty, I shall have made still more progress. At ninety I shall penetrate the mystery of things; at one hundred I shall certainly have reached a marvelous stage; and when I am a hundred and ten, everything I do, be it a dot or a line, will be alive. I beg those who live as long as I to see if I do not keep my word. Written at the age of seventy five by me, once Hokusai, today Gwakyo Rojin, the old man mad about drawing