Selection of additional commercial projects I worked on.

The following is a collection of projects that I worked on in collaboration with various studios & clients.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Synthetic Fossils

Visual thought experiment on how generations might study prior civilizations’ physical and digital evidence


Freedom to move. Also freedom to shake it


Product & Anthem Film

Auto Nom

Visual narrative on self-driving mobility and urban design

Warp Classics

Visual essay on classic car photography

Motorola Z

Launch campaign for Moto Z & Moto Mods

An exploration of handcrafted algorithmic textures and surfaces

Lexus CT

TVC for a worldwide Lexus campaign

Chance Chanel

Playful and kinetic world with different products from the Chance collection

Nauruan Stranger

CI and Cover art for the electronic music artist Nauruan Stranger


Remix collaboration project with photographer Ben Sandler

Are We Hard Yet

Remix collaboration project between ZEITGUISED and photographer duo Nick&Chloé

Hyper Tophies

Moving still portrait sculptures